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Craftsmanship is all about how well a design is executed. It must make a sensational impact if it is to be picked up by potential customers. If it is appreciated, admired and desirable enough to be bought, you can say that the creator has succeeded in proving themselves. These Swirl Earrings display the work that has gone into designing it and undoubtedly they catch the eye without fail.

An impressive swirl pattern is cut out into the 18k white gold plated brass base. This is then encrusted with genuine Swarovski® Crystals to bring out the beauty of the swirls. There are 24 micro crystals and a large Swarovski® Crystal decorating the studs. The large crystal sits in the centre while the smaller crystals fill alternate swirls, giving a striking look to the earrings. If combined with our Swirl Pendant, you can have a complete earring and necklace set.


Crystal Type 
Number of Swarovski® Crystals   24pcs
Crystal TypeSS24
Earring Material   Brass
Earring size   10mm x 10 mm
Package includes

  1 x Swirl Earrings (Crystals from Swarovski®)
  1 x Pouch

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